• Before advancing in any grade, every student in Washington State needs to master reading, writing, and math.
  • Every teacher must be treated with respect, and like other professionals in our economy be fully compensated for quality teaching.
  • Parents must be listened to and their views respected as to what is taught to their kids.
  • Bureaucratic "theories" have no place in classroom teaching. In planning the state curriculum, common sense--not Common Core or standardized testing--should prevail.
  • Our education bureaucracy must be drastically reduced to save funds and restore teaching as our top priority.
  • All public education is local, whether at traditional public schools, charter schools, private or home schools. All schooling that achieves results in teaching the basics deserves our full support.
  • All students should know their country's patriotic and civic heritage. U.S. history should be taught in every grade, beginning with our country's founding.

NOTE: Regardless of any judicial ruling, only when every taxpayer is reassured that classroom teaching is the state's priority will the issue of funding be resolved.